The class is a safe and extremely effective form of activities for everyone regardless of age or physical fitness. It will provide your body with better coordination and flexibility. The precision with which exercises are performed, with no haste and with the rhythm of breathing, will allow you to concentrate on yourself and listen better to the needs of your body.
You will strengthen the deep muscles of the spine and pelvic region, which become weak with inadequate exercise, but perform very important functions. They are responsible for a straight, slim posture, making intense movements, and will maintain stability of your internal organs during laughter, coughing or sneezing. Strong internal muscles will also prevent spinal pain or incontinence (NTM), especially in women.


Ashtanga is a dynamic type of yoga in which each asana consists of a certain number of vinyasas that combines movement with breathing. With each sequence of asanas of Ashtanga, it allows for continuous development and by the diversity of each series can be a project for life. In addition, Ashtanga yoga effectively energizes warms, strengthens, cleanses and builds awareness of the body.

YOGA ASHTANGA - VINYASA (Beginner & Intermediate)

For beginners, the classes will teach you the Ujjayi technique of deep breathing, build strength and flexibility. You will discover the dynamic asanas typical of Ashtanga yoga Vinyasa, which means to follow every movement of the breath. These classes will introduce you to the wonderful world of Ashtanga yoga.

YOGA ASHTANGA – PSP – First series led (Intermediate & Advanced)

For intermediate and more advanced students. Yoga Mysore follows the traditional style and sequence as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, India. Classes are led by a teacher, but the participant is also required to know a basic knowledge of asanas of the Ashtanga first series.

YOGA ASHTANGA – MYSORE (Intermediate & Advanced)

For intermediate and more advanced students. Because this class is an individual practice, it requires knowledge of the sequence of asanas in the first series of Ashtanga. Everyone practices alone at their own rhythm of breathing. The teacher is present, watching over the safety of the practice, assisting, suggesting and correcting when necessary. We encourage all students to learn the sequence of the first series and individual practice, which allows for an amazing process of development and full use of the opportunities that give us the power of Ashtanga yoga.


Brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan, is a simple technique that can be used by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. By using a variety of techniques including your breathing, body exercises, sound, singing and meditation, you gain a tool to work with your body, mind, senses and emotions. Kundalini is the essence of our power. Awakening and increasing the energy integrates the body, mind and soul.


30 minute yoga classes at lunch time especially for busy people with limited time during the work day, looking for energizing relief and stretching during an active day.


Gentle exercise, conducted according to the method of B.K.S. Iyengar for women over 12 weeks of pregnancy. The asanas relax the spine and legs and strengthen the pelvic muscles as well as relax and calm the mind.


Activities for everyone, regardless of current condition or level of experience. An hour of gymnastic activities in order to beautifully shaped the waist, hips and legs. Pilates is also great for the spine due to many exercises being performed in the supine position.


Easy-to-do exercises which are safe for both mother and child, reducing adverse symptoms related to pregnancy, such as swelling of hands, feet and ankles. It improves posture and well-being, strengthen the pelvic muscles, relax and improve breathing, prevent pain in the lumbar spine and prepare the mother's body for the effort associated with childbirth. The Friday Pregnancy Pilates classes focus on the pelvic muscles specifically for new mothers, who we invite with their children.


Functional Yoga is an intense and dynamic yoga practice, while at the same time it remains completely safe and healthy. It combines the wisdom of classical yoga and the latest knowledge of science. It strengthens the muscles responsible for the health of the spine, proper posture and a healthy body. Functional Yoga provides psychophysical harmony and versatile performance. Thanks to defeating stress, it also improves concentration and recharges the positive energy.