Workshop with Małgorzata Kobus-Kwiatkowska of Anatomia Jogi

We invite you to the latest workshop focusing on the lotus position (Padmasana).

DATE:         8 June 2019
PLACE:       Joga Klub
TIME:         12:00 - 15:00
COST:         210 PLN

Safe Lotus

During the workshop, we will address the anatomical conditions that have a direct impact on the performance of the lotus (Padmasana).

We will work on the elasticity of the hip muscles, which is the first cause of blockages when moving the legs into the lotus position. The work of the muscles and problems arising from the construction of the pelvis and femur will be discussed. Particular attention will be given to the safety of the lotus exercise and possible injuries resulting from incorrect technique.

During the yoga session, preparation for performing the lotus, asanas and opening techniques for the hips will be demonstrated and performed by participants. We will analyze the muscle work in Padmasana so that you can see any weak points and how to work on them.

The workshop is suitable for people of all levels of yoga and will be particularly useful for those who feel hip / knee / ankle pain while performing the lotus position.

Workshop schedule:
12:00 - 13:00 theory session
13:15 - 13:30 break
13:30 - 15:00 practice session

The workshop will take place in JOGA KLUB at Chałubińskiego 8, Warsaw.


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Registration and payment are required before the workshop in order to reserve a place. Transfer can be made to the following account: mBank 17 1140 2004 0000 3202 7720 2097. In the title please write "warsztaty Warszawa & name and surname".

Joga Klub is very excited to invite you to the Pranayama workshop with Kirti Gahlawat Yoga

‘Prana‘ and ‘Ayama‘ are Sanskrit words, ‘Prana‘ meaning ‘Breath‘ and ‘Ayama‘ meaning ‘Control‘. During regular practice of Pranayama we learn to control our breathing, which plays a very important role in keeping a healthy life.
Pranayama is the perfect breathing exercise which gives us many benefits. Regular practice of Pranayama increases the oxygen amount in the body and cleanses it by removing toxins. It also stimulates the body by improving the level of the energy for the whole day.

Kirti Gahlawat is a certified yoga teacher by Quality council of India and Yoga Alliance International. She holds a Post Graduate degree in Yogic Science and has more than 18 years of experience in training and teaching Yoga. She has been honored on many occasions for her outstanding achievements in this field by Haryana state government in India. Kirti Gahlawat is involved in popularizing yoga in many countries such as Portugal, Thailand, Singapore, etc. She was the primary yoga teacher at International day of Yoga events in 2016 and 2018 in collaboration with Association of yoga schools & Celebrity Yoga Ambassadors in Poland organized by the Indian embassy. She has also given several media interviews and wrote an article in Poland for the promotion of yoga on Dzien Dobry TVN show,, etc. She currently works at the Embassy of India in Warsaw where she teaches not only traditional yoga practices, but also Sanskrit and teachings of Vedic traditions - culture of India.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Pranayama! Nowadays doctors also recommend Pranayama and Yogasana for a psychological and mental health. There are limited spots so confirm your booking soon and don't miss this special opportunity.

'Early bird' - until May 6th:
• 1 day - Saturday or Sunday - 60 zł
• 2 days - Saturday & Sunday - 110 zł
After May 6th:
• 1 day - Saturday or Sunday - 80 zł
• 2 days - Saturday & Sunday - 150 zł

Register to book your place, there are many ways to register:
phone: +48 885 038 605
or through our website and 'Strefa Klienta':

We hope to see you soon on the yoga mat :)

Dear Joga Klub clients,
Please note a few minor changes in our schedule for spring.

- The Sunday shopping ban = Sunday yoga!! Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners (English & Polish) will change from Saturdays to Sundays at 17:30.

- Pilates Senior will be cancelled on Friday, April 19 for the holiday weekend and the NEW Yoga Senior classes will start on Fridays at 12:30 beginning April 26.

- Classes for healthy spine (Zdrowy kręgosłup) will end soon with the last class on April 22. Please do join our many other yoga and Pilates classes!

Please click the full schedule HERE!

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

We invite all beginners who want to start their adventure with yoga. This is an introduction to the world of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, where you will learn the basic asanas from the first series, the proper and safe technique, and the Ujjaya breathing method connecting it with your movements. As a result, you will strengthen your body and make it more flexible as preparation for further yoga development. You can join the group at any time without previous experience. Classes are currently held every Tuesday and Thursday between 19:30 - 20:30 and Saturdays at 12: 30 -13: 45.
See you on the mat!!

Are you looking for space for classes, workshops, trainings, events or photo sessions?

We offer a bright and spacious room of approximately 90 m2 full of light with a great view and a fantastic location in Warsaw. We are located in the very center of Warsaw but at the same time you will find peace and quiet in the city, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Please contact us for more information and details of cooperation.

Sunday meditation and relaxation with the sounds of Kundalini Yoga

Relax and calm your thoughts and mind before the next week of work. Every Sunday from 18:00 to 19:30 we invite you for meditation with Kundalini Yoga and a long relaxation with the sound of chime. Grażyna Smith will guide you through meditation called KirtanKrija. This meditation in Kundalini Yoga is a basic practice, suitable for everyone and every day. For beginners, it is a great introduction for building a meditation practice. The classes are intended for people who are looking for relaxation and concentration.

On June 24 Joga Klub will open its doors for everyone interested in yoga, regardless of your level of skill and experience. We invite everyone willing!

During the open house, you can join professional yoga and pilates classes, meet and talk to experienced teachers and other participants while enjoying our vegan buffet.

We also invite you to our Pop-up Shop, where you can find beautiful yoga clothes, accessories and jewelry.

Visit us and relax at our oasis of peace hidden in the heart of busy Warsaw.



  • 1. Wear a comfortable outfit - leggings or shorts and soft t-shirt or you can change in the Joga Klub. We have separate locker rooms for women and men.
  • 2. We practice barefoot for safety and convenience.
  • 3. Before the class don’t eat or drink too much.
  • 4. During the class don’t drink so you are not distracted and can focus your attention on breathing and the proper rhythm of your body.
  • 5. Yoga is meant to be a pleasure for you, remember your own comfort and sensations.



11:30 – Opening and welcome participants, introduce the basic rules and sponsors

11:40 - 12:30 - Yoga class

12:40 - 13:30 - Pilates class

13:45 - 18:00 - Pop-up Shop with yoga clothing, accessories, jewelry

14:30 - 15:00 - Yoga class

15:00 - 15:30 - Pilates class

18:15 - Thanks and closing the event



Joga Klub, Chałubińskiego 8

We are located in Oxford Tower - between Hampton hotel, Wspólna street and Marriott hotel on Aleje Jerozolimskie. Entrance is at the back of the building up the stairs to the terrace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

More information at our website:


Salute the sun with us!  

Do you still need Christmas gifts for family and friends? Or better yet something for yourself?! If you're into yoga, pilates or fitness in general then the Pop-Up Shop is perfect for you.

The event specifically features Poland's best brands of clothing and accessories for yoga, pilates and fitness as well as Indian bracelets and essential oils.
We'll have hot teas and fresh juices so come check it out.

When: 16-17 December, Saturday and Sunday, 14:00-19:00

Where: Joga Klub, Chałubińskiego 8 (entrance from the stairs behind the Marriott hotel or from Wspólna street, behind the Hampton hotel)

See you this weekend!

• Ashtanga yoga is an active yoga combining dynamic movements with deep Ujjayi breathing in order to strengthen muscles, energize the body and develop flexibility.
• Good for all levels from beginner to advanced.
• Monday & Wednesday – Ashtanga Dynamic Yoga (Ewa), Friday – Power Yoga (Radek).
• Fall classes include the first 30 minutes of instruction followed by 1 hour of dynamic yoga practice.
• If you don’t have your own yoga mat, don’t worry. Mats are available to rent for a minimum price.

It was a big challenge!

Your private mats are in the locker rooms and it’s their new location for the moment. Thank you very much for cooperation!

All the other mats, whose owners we don’t know, are in our hall and will stay there until June 15. We encourage you to find your own mat and place it to the locker room if you come to Joga Klub regularly, or take it with you.

After June 15 all the old mats still in the Joga Klub hall will be removed.

Thank you! Namaste

Workshop – Functional Yoga with the one and only Radek Rychlik

Functional Yoga is an intense and dynamic yoga practice, while at the same time it remains completely safe and healthy. It combines the wisdom of classical yoga and the latest knowledge of science. It strengthens the muscles responsible for the health of the spine, proper posture and a healthy body. Functional Yoga provides psychophysical harmony and versatile performance. Thanks to defeating stress, it also improves concentration and recharges the positive energy.

At the workshop you will learn the basic exercises of this Functional Yoga. You will learn to breathe in the way to increase efficiency while performing asanas and their relaxation benefits. You will learn how to start and strengthen the deep torso muscles, responsible for the health of the spine and how to combine movement with breathing so that your practice becomes even more efficient and safe.

Time and place: Saturday, March 4th, 2017, 14:00-16: 30, Joga Klub, ul. Chałubińskiego 8, Warsaw.

Leader: RADEK RYCHLIK - Radek founded the first yoga school in Poland of dynamic styles of yoga in 2002. A graduate of Warsaw AWF (Academy of Physical Education) and psychological studies at the University of Social Psychology. He trained with yoga masters in India, the US and Western Europe. Radek is the author of scientific publications in physiology, biomechanics and psychophysiology of yoga exercises and numerous popular articles.

    •     Workshop price for Joga Klub members – 40zl
    •     Workshop price for Joga Klub non-members – 60 zl

In order to participate, please send an e-mail to this week.

See you Saturday!