Joga Klub policy for the protection of personal data (GDPR)

The administrator of your personal data is Joga Klub, ul. Chałubińskiego 8, 00-613 Warsaw, through the company eFitness, which is the provider and owner of the software for customer service of Joga Klub.

The system operator is:

eFitness sp. z o.o.

Goździkowa 6, 60-175 Poznań

Personal data inspector:

The role of personal data inspector in eFitness is performed by Mr. Filip Jeske.


telephone: +48 61 666 1288

notification system: GDPR notification topics


Personal data is processed in order to serve customers of Joga Klub at the time of registration of visits and to provide marketing information to you. Because the purpose of the Joga Klub’s activity is to provide services in the field of physical activity, i.e. yoga and pilates, Joga Klub registers visits to the facility and communicates with clients occasionally by sending information by e-mail or text message regarding special events and changes in the schedule.

The following categories of personal data may be processed, however, Joga Klub processes only the data that you provide to us.

• First name and last name

• E-mail adress

• Mobile phone number

Your personal information is not shared with anyone.

eFitness software, which Joga Klub uses to operate the customer database, has appropriate password protection and access is limited only to the administrator, reception staff and owners of Joga Klub. On site at Joga Klub, it is possible to obtain a copy of your personal data or to view and change your personal data. Clients also always have access to their eFitness data via the Customer Area/Strefa Klienta as part of eFitness based upon an individual login credentials.

The period of storage of your personal data by Joga Klub is indefinite while using the services of Joga Klub. In the event of inactivity on your account, personal data will be automatically deleted after 36 months from the date of termination of the contract. It can also be removed from the database at your request before the end of this time.

You have the right to request access to personal data, the right to rectify it, delete (be forgotten) or limit processing and the right to object to the processing.

In order to implement the Joga Klub agreements with Benefit Systems (Multisport), OK System and FitProfit, etc., the following personal details of the user are processed: name and surname, card number, card type. On the basis of a cooperation agreement, the administrator of personal data of cardholders are, respectively, the card issuing companies.

All personal data from activities and interactions with Joga Klub on Facebook, Instagram or other social media are subject to individual rules and applicable national regulations governing that media.