Trainer Profile

Beata Kubalska



Since 2013 Beata has been a licensed Pilates instructor. She leads a variety of Pilates classes including therapeutic Pilates, healthy spine and using various small Pilates accessories. Professionally, she combines the role of instructor and psychologist, working with each age group from children to seniors. Privately, Beata is a dance lover. Fascination with human movement in its various modes and the mental dimension led her into this combination. Currently, she is in the process of gaining certification from the Psychotherapist Dance and Movement Institute of DMT and Therapist Trainer (Open Mind). Beata deeply believes in the unity of body and mind as well as the concept of acting with the body, we can heal emotions. During her classes she tries to share as much knowledge as possible but absolutely values a loose and cheerful atmosphere.“Our movement is our behavior. There is a direct relationship between how we are and how we move.”

Classes by Beata Kubalska