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Ewa Puzynowska



Yoga is my everyday life, faithful companion, best friend, love, passion and career.
My education is neurocognitive psychology but every dayI am a student and a teacher of yoga. I stepped on my mat for the first time over 10 years ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Today yoga plays a major role of my life. Regular practice is a meaningful and important part of my day. It allows me to take a pause and a deeper breath, to cleanse my body and develop its strength and health.
On a continuous basis, I further my education by participating in workshops with teachers from around the world. I try to improve my knowledge and skills in order to help and share the same with the participants of my classes. Leading yoga classes is one of my favorite activities during the day. It provides me happiness and valuable experience. I meet wonderful people who I can support and motivate during their yoga journey.
Come practice together and let’s share the yoga world together. See you on the mat!

Classes by Ewa Puzynowska